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"I will continually prioritize you through empathy, and direct, honest coaching."

OUTCoaching has the sole focus of working with men who have sex and relationships with men. We offer you the opportunity to work on your needs, goals, and challenges in an honest and direct setting. Josh K. McAdams is Lead Coach and has 13 years of previous experience in psychotherapy, case management, and coaching. He believes that life is about service to others, and chooses to do so in a coaching capacity. Currently, Mr. McAdams lives with his husband and their french bulldog in Miami, Florida. 


I received my Bachelor's degree in languages and fine art from Concordia University.

I then completed my Master's level work at Texas State University, receiving a Master's in Community Counseling. From there, I went on to complete training in Counselor Supervision in the State of Texas. 

Professional Involvement

- GLBT Youth Support Project (2008)

- Human Empathy Project Board of Directors (2013 - 2016)

- Leadership Austin Emerge Program (2014)

- Hill Country Ride for AIDS Volunteer (2016, 2018 & 2019)

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