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Stand out in life.

I slept and dreamt that life was joy.

I awoke and saw that life was service.

I acted and behold, service was joy.

~Rabindranath Tagore~

About OUTCoaching

Our experience has shown that men today are asking questions about how to be a part of the culture of masculinity, image, and success, while striking a balance with emotional maturity, wisdom, and even spirituality.

You are making tough choices about your sex and relationship needs. You are struggling with the pros and cons that come with apps and hooking up. For some of you, addictions and compulsions further complicate it all.

If you identify as a male who has sex and relationships with men and are over the age of 15, we offer you the opportunity to work on your needs, goals, and challenges in an honest and direct setting. 


Our Focus

OUTCoaching has the sole focus of working with 

men who have sex and relationships with men.


Life Coaching

Honest, direct, and supportive life coaching for men who are looking to stand out in life.


Take a deep dive in a safe space. Understand who you are and develop strategies for life. 


Young Adult Mentorship

Empathic mentoring for men at least 15 years of age who have sex and relationships with men.


Personality Assessment

Teaching men about who they are and how to be the healthiest version of themselves.  


Addictions & Compulsions

For men who want freedom from the barriers created by addictive or compulsive behaviors.


Sex & Relationships

A safe space to explore dating, hooking up, long-term relationships, sexual health,

and more.

Practice Areas
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